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Precise Circulation Perforations
A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools perforating torch cutter - ptc
The Perforating Torch Cutter - PTC for Pipe Recovery

MCR's Perforating Torch Cutter™ tool provides the industry with a safe, efficient and reliable pipe punching alternative to explosives.

MCR's Perforating Torch Cutter tool effectively perforates coiled tubing, tubing, casing and drill pipe without the use of restrictive technologies. When running a job that requires adequate flow into the annulus, explosive perforators and punchers are unreliable in many configurations at producing a consistent or sufficient hole in pipe. MCR's line of punchers allow operators to perforate or circulate with confidence while relying on MCR's field proven technology.

The patented nozzle and proprietary mixture of various powdered metals produces jets of highly energized plasma to perforate virtually any type of pipe in any well condition. Because the PTC™ tool does not use explosives or hazardous chemicals, the tool can be shipped almost anywhere in the world within 24 hours, saving significant time and associated costs, while remaining compliant with safety regulations.
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Licensee Daya Maxflo RCT Pipe Recovery Operation

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

A picture of an oil rig during a pipe recovery job the pipe was cut with the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - rct

The MCR Radial Cutting Torch - RCT is a Non-Hazmat, Non-Explosive Advanced Cutting Tool that can be deployed on Wireline, Slickline, Coiled Tubing & other Conveyance Methods for Pipe Recovery Operations.

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MBI Energy Services Engineer Quotes from the Oilfield
 This ia a picture of an MCR OIl Tools Licensee MBI Energy Service Wireline Engineer Quote from a radial cutting torch - RCT Pipe recovery oilfield wireline operation.

2” coil inside 3-1/2 with a 1-1/4 restriction out sideways? No problem for a 1” RCT. Just when you think the impossible has happened the MCR RCT is there to be a smaller tool option to exceed the expectations of cutting pipe. 

Kolton King 
MBI Energy Services 
Wireline Field Engineer

All service companies MUST be Licensed & Certified to Run MCR OIl Tools for Pipe Recovery & other Well Intervention Operations using MCR Tool Systems.
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MCR PTC Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools PtC Perforating Torch Cutter for Pipe Recovery Oilfield Operations
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