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Electro Mechanical Anchor - EMA

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools radial cutting torch - RCT

A picture of the MCR OIl Tools Electro Mechanical Anchor anchoring an mcr rct cutter inside an oil well pipe.

MCR's Electro Mechanical Anchor is an electric line or slickline deployed anchoring device intended for use with MCR's pipe recovery and other well intervention systems.

With outside diameters (retracted) of 1-1/2”, 1-3/4“ and 2-1/2”, EMA’s effectively anchor tools for cutting tubulars from 2-3/8” to 7-5/8”. Anchor arm material and design allow for fixation within ALL tubular materials covered by MCR system specifications, e.g. Monel®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Chrome, and plastic coated tubulars.

Operation for Pipe Recovery Deployments

Operational control & safety are programmed into every Electro-Mechanical Anchor for pipe recovery or other well intervention operations.

Arm actuation is limited to DC (+) positive voltage application. Firing authority is limited to DC (-) negative voltage application. In most situations, use of the EMA eliminates the need for perforations prior to cutting. As always recommended, consult with MCR for deployment specific advice (available 24/7 for ANY job planning questions!). See website for contact information. The EMA easily interfaces with “suitcase” type firing panels when run with MCR’s Fire Panel Filter (FPF), available separately as MCR item FPF-0000-100. The FPF is required when the DC source contains ≥ 10% AC ripple. MCR’s CheckFire Panel (CFP) enables the operator to determine precise actuation and firing thresholds of any downhole, spooled-off E-Line configuration. The CFP also simulates MCR’s EMA and Thermal Generator™ (THG™) activator when instructing or setting programmable firing sequences. MCR’s CheckFire Panel is available separately as MCR item CFP-1500-100.


Support Tools for EMA Pipe Recovery Operations

Benefits of the Electro Mechanical Anchor

  • Predictable excess pull yielding: four modes of arm yield behavior

  • 6063 aluminum arms dissolve in strong acids, aided by arm geometry

  • Selectable arms provide best anchoring angle

  • Effective in scaled, corroded, pitted and plastic coated targets

  • Arm components are single-use components only, to ensure that new systems are used on every run *USE OF PROPER JAR SYSTEMS REQUIRED

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MCR EMA Anchor

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MCR RCT Cutter

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