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New State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility

Michael C. Robertson, President and CEO of MCR Oil Tools hosted MCR's grand opening event to celebrate the completion of the company's new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Arlington, TX.  Special guests in attendance included Congressman Joe Barton, Representatives Bill Zedler and Warren Chisum and other honorable Texas State Representatives.  Guests enjoyed contemporary jazz by the Jeff Taylor trio and a gourmet meal prepared and served by Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  The event was held to educate guests on all of MCR's current technologies while revealing MCR's vision for the future of pipe recovery.  MCR's technology has seen increasing popularity in domestic and international markets and is considered by many the new standard in the pipe recovery market.  Thad Barlow, MCR's Special Projects Manager, was honored at the event for designing and managing the completion of MCR's new corporate headquarters.  Completion of these new facilities will make it possible for MCR to meet the demands of our customers and exceed the expectations of the pipe recovery market place.

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