Field Engineer Quotes from the Oilfield
 This ia a picture of an MCR OIl Tools Licensee MBI Energy Service Wireline Engineer Quote from a radial cutting torch - RCT Pipe recovery oilfield wireline operation.

2” coil inside 3-1/2 with a 1-1/4 restriction out sideways? No problem for a 1” RCT. Just when you think the impossible has happened the MCR RCT is there to be a smaller tool option to exceed the expectations of cutting pipe. 

Kolton King 
MBI Energy Services 
Wireline Field Engineer

All service companies MUST be Licensed & Certified to Run MCR OIl Tools for Pipe Recovery & other Well Intervention Operations using MCR Tool Systems.
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RCT Success Rates

  North America  South America  Europe  Africa  Asia  Australia 
 2010 100%    100%    100%   
 2011 100%    100%    100%   
 2012 96%  100%  99%       
 2013 92%  100%  100%  100%  100%   
 2014 100%  100%  100%  88%  98%  100% 
 2015 100%  100%  98%  94%  98%  100% 
 2016 95%  100%  93%  97%  99%  100% 
 2017 100% 100%  95%  100%  96%   
 2018 100%  100%  90% 91%  99%  100% 
 Average* 98%  100%  97%  95%  99%  100% 

*Based on 1552 Total Reported Jobs

Most common causes of RCT job failures:
  1. Well Conditions - unknown or unforeseen
  2. Operator Error - Lack of knowledge/expertise
  3. Failure to communicate with MCR prior to performing the job/Poor job planning
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MCR RCT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools RCT Radial Cutting Torch Pipe Recovery Oilfield Tool

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