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All Companies MUST have its service technicians / engineers trained who are slated to run any MCR system. MCR Oil Tools may also provide training at the Licensee's facility. Please Contact Us for more information.


MCR OIL TOOLS, LLC and Azr Petroleum Company (APC) Announce Strategic Joint Venture for Manufacturing, Production and R&D of tools and products of MCR Oil Tools in Saudi Arabia. 

New Non Hazmat RCT

MCR’s Radial Cutting Torch™ tool is the safest and most efficient pipe cutting device available in the industry. Based on patented cutting technology, MCR’s Radial Cutting Torch tool, or RCT™ tool, is used to sever tubing, casing, drill pipe, and coiled tubing without the use of explosives or hazardous materials, making it one of the safest pipe cutting tools on the market. 

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