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Successes and MCR Company Updates with Wireline & Slickline Global Pipe Recovery Operations

Global Pipe Recovery

A map of where the MCR Radial Cutting Torch RCT or Perforating Torch PTC has been used to cut oil well pipe for pipe recovery jobs and slickline & wireline operations.

Review a Global Locations Map
where MCR Pipe Recovery Tool Systems
have been run for Slickline and Wireline Operations

Radial Cutting Torch
Tool Licensing

All companies using MCR Oil Tools Pipe Recovery & Well Intervention Systems including the Radial Cutting Torch - RCT and other cutting tool systems MUST have its service technicians / engineers trained who are slated to run any MCR system. MCR Oil Tools may also provide training at the Licensee's facility. Please Contact Us for more information.

Precise Perforations

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools perforating torch cutter - ptc

Heavy Wall Recovery
What Can We Cut?
Non-Explosive Cutting

MCR’s Radial Cutting Torch™ tool is the safest and most efficient pipe cutting device available in the slickline and wireline oilfield service industry. Based on patented cutting technology, MCR’s Radial Cutting Torch tool, or RCT™ tool, is used to sever tubing, casing, drill pipe, and coiled tubing without the use of explosives, making it one of the safest pipe recovery tools on the market for oilfield operations using slickline & wireline.

Axial Fish Eradication

A picture of an oil rig with a cut pipe using the mcr oil tools perforating torch cutter - ptc

The Axial Pyro Torch is designed to be run down on top of the debris and burn thru it. Contact MCR OIl Tools Sales for an animated video that demonstrates a couple of very common examples fishing companies face routinely. In one, a BOP knife blade falls into the wellbore.

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MCR RCT Cutter

A picture of the MCR Oil Tools RCT Radial Cutting Torch Pipe Recovery Oilfield Tool

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